Born in Raman Gan – Tel Aviv – Israel

Today: Active in different projects in Germany in areas concerning relations between Palestinians & Israelis for promoting alternative, different politics in Israel & Palestine for New Horizon in the Middle East by social activities, funds resources, fundraising projects and organizations strive for peace and social justice of Palestinians & Israelis.

Free Journalist: publish Reviews and Articles in Hair Weekly Tel Aviv Newpaper among others like for example Haaretz

Music Teacher for piano and organ, from classical to contemporary popular music, experience in teaching children, teenagers and adults among other Subjects

Teaching Hebrew among others Subjects in the Jewish High School Berlin

Teaching History and Theory of Music at the Conservatory Quiriat Ono (Israel) and private since 1990 (Critical Theory, Adorno and beyond)

Teaching History and other subjects at Gordon school (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Published above 100 articles on music and culture in the program notes of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Israel and Israeli Opera, Haaretz, Hair and other Israeli media

Lectures on music theory and critique, as well as politics and culture in Israel

Establishing of the music department at Begin High School in Rosh Ha’ain

Teacher Diploma at the Seminar-ha-Kibbuzim for History and Hebrew in Israeli Intermediate Schools

Editor of “Opera”, quarterly magazine of the Israeli Opera, Tel Aviv

Program notes of the Performing Arts Center (Israeli Opera), Tel Aviv

Scholarship by the Austrian Exchange Service / Israeli Foreign Office (ÖAD) for studying music and contemporary history at Musikhochschule Innsbruck  and Leopold-Franzens-Universität in Innsbruck (Austria),

B.A.  in Musicology and History, Tel Aviv University